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My Story

My Story

My name is Gwen. I currently reside in Traverse City, MI with my husband and 2 energetic boys! Most days you can find me at the park or digging in the sand with my kids. 

In 2014 I was expecting my first Son, who was to be born in January of 2015. I desperately wanted to make him a pair of those cute boots we've all seen on Pinterest but I did not know how to Crochet...I have always been good with my hands and well, long story short, with the help of a friend and a little YouTube search, I made my first yarny thingy! I taught myself how to Knit a few months later VIA YouTube and the rest is history! 

Like a lot of knitters, I started by selling finished knitwear, attended lots of markets during the Fall seasons and sold a lot of my products in local shops. Dyeing yarn was always an end goal but I did not expect to start until my kids were fully in school, but here I am! I have been dyeing yarn for 3 years and I started my spinning journey in 2023 because I was always intrigued by big bulky, squishy art yarn! 

I dye soft, squishy, bright (sometimes neutral) colored yarns. The colors reflect my personal style, from dark & moody to crazy bold, bright fluorescent colors. It all depends on my mood, but it will always be colors I love. 


Thank you for being here & giving me the opportunity to make something beautiful for you to make something beautiful!